November 25, 2014 (4 years, 3 months ago)

New Large Study on Health Impacts of GMOs

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Factor GMO, the world’s largest study on GMO and pesticide safety to date was recently launched.

Farmers, retailers, governments, scientists and consumers have been involved in a heated international debate since GM foods were introduced in 1994.

Even though numerous well-designed, peer-reviewed studies have been published that clearly show significant health risks from GMOs, the agro-chemical industry and the organizations & individuals they have corrupted insist that genetically modified crops are perfectly safe.

To counter the numerous independent studies, industry has sponsored hundreds of bogus studies to support their claims. More independent studies have been sorely needed to fuel the battle for truth.

The $ 25 million ‘Factor GMO’ study will begin in 2015. and will investigate the health effects of herbicide-tolerant GM maize (corn) and realistic levels of the glyphosate herbicide it is engineered to be grown with.

The study will seek to answer the question: Is GMO food and the associated herbicide (Glyphosate / Roundup) safe for human health?

Three independent scientists will head up the study:

RUSSIA – Dr. Oxana Sinitsyna; Deputy Director for Science at A. N. Sysin Research Institute of Human Ecology and Environmental Health

USA – Dr. Bruce Blumberg, University of California, Irvine

ITALY – Dr. Fiorella Belpoggi, Ramazzini Institute.

It is hoped that the study will be well-designed and not corrupted by the extremely powerful and sinister ago-chems who have long histories of lying and other criminal activity and go to extraordinary lengths to suppress the truth about their products.

The study was initiated by Elena Sharoykina, director and co-founder of the Russian National Association for Genetic Safety.

Ms. Sharoykina remarked, “Comprehensive scientific safety studies on GMOs and their related pesticides are long overdue. All previous studies caused controversy for various reasons: choice of animal, insufficient statistics, duration of tests, research parameters, and researchers’ connections to the anti-GMO movement or the biotech industry. ‘Factor GMO’ is intended to remedy the situation. The project organizers have considered all of the points of disagreement and distrust surrounding this subject. Factor GMO has in its arsenal a scientific protocol drawn up with all the necessary standards, an international scientific team of leading professionals with a neutral background, independent funding, and perhaps most importantly, full transparency.

Food is the main source of energy for all living beings, and its safety is the key to their health and well-being, as well as to sustainable development. In order to prevent irreversible consequences, humankind must ensure the total safety of GM crops and their associated pesticides before they are planted even more widely.”