June 12, 2014 (4 years, 9 months ago)

Agro-Tech GM Lies No Longer Working on Most People

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A study at Cornell’s Department of Communication in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences found that people are no longer persuaded by the marketing ploys of agro-chemical companies.

“Preconceived views about risks and benefits of agricultural genetic engineering – and perceptions about the fairness and legitimacy of the decision-making process – these things matter most,” Researcher Katherine A. McComas said.

While the industry sponsored study was designed to suggest that people who oppose GMOs are stupid, it also showed that people are indeed opposing GMOs and are no longer influenced by the lies used to promote GMOs.

The study presented U.S. grocery shoppers with a story about the Irish potato famine which is believed to have caused the death of about a million people and forced another million to immigrate.  Respondents were then asked about their attitudes towards genetic modifications to improve disease resistance. Their responses were compared to those of people who were merely presented with stories about generic plant diseases.

“Stories of the Irish Potato Famine were no more likely to boost support for disease-resistant genetically modified crops than were our generic crop-disease descriptions,” McComas claims.

The Irish famine from 1845 to 1852 was blamed on a plant disease called potato blight which is caused by a fungus named Phytophthora infestans.  In reality the famine was more a result of social and political conditions, not just a plant disease.  The Irish were oppressed by the British and forced to rely on potatoes for much of their food. When the disease greatly reduced the potato crop the British refused to provide food to the starving Irish.  The great famine was more a matter of genocide than simple crop failure due to disease.  Of course, the British prefer to rewrite history and blame just the blight for reducing the Irish population by 20 – 25%.

People are opposed to the genetic modification of their food because it has been proven to be hazardous to their health and they know that the agro-criminals lie about the safety of their products, corrupt politicians and academia and always put profits before people. One would have to be stupid or ignorant of the facts to blindly accept GMOs.  Fortunately, thanks to the tireless efforts of countless activists and honest scientists who have actually studied the issue, people are no longer so ignorant about the hazards of GMOs and know that they have been consistently and persistently lied to.

Until there is effective regulation and thorough safety testing of GMOs they should indeed stay off the market.